The Stichting Vrienden Rechtswinkel Amsterdam (SVRA) is an organisation which aims to support the Rechtswinkel Amsterdam in all its aspects. The board of the SVRA intends to bring together as many former employees of the Rechtswinkel Amsterdam as possible by means of  a yearly event and a newsletter. Doing so, the boards aims to inform former employees about any developments at the Rechtswinkel Amsterdam and to create and maintain an active network from which both the Rechtswinkel and its (former) employees may benefit.

As SVRA, we hope to act as a safety net for the Rechtswinkel Amsterdam. Thanks to our network, we can guarantee the continuity, stability and professionality of the Rechtswinkel Amsterdam.

Are you a former employee, does the SVRA appeals to you and would you like to get updates about the Rechtswinkel? Send an email to You could also take a look at our LinkedIn-page or Facebook-page!
If you prefer to make a one-time donation, you can transfer it to NL37 INGB 0009 4816 86 for Stichting Vrienden van de Rechtswinkel Amsterdam.